Retaining Walls in Cleveland

There are many practical and aesthetic advantages to constructing a retaining wall. If you are a property owner in Cleveland, a retaining wall may prove to be the perfect addition.

The professional landscapers at Outdoor Concepts Landscape Contracting, Inc. design and construct the highest quality retaining walls. Built from beautiful, durable materials, every hardscape is custom-built for each property. The result will be a striking, permanent feature that will enhance your property for years to come.

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Practical Retaining Walls for Your Property

More and more property owners are learning about the many benefits of retaining wall construction. Retaining walls separate soil into distinct levels and can greatly increase the amount of usable exterior space on your property. Retaining walls make particularly great additions to hilly or irregular properties with varying topography.

Retaining walls also play a major role in proper soil drainage. They can be constructed with embedded drainage systems, featuring integrated channels and pipes that facilitate drainage. As a result, you’ll enjoy a healthier and more beautiful property.

Custom-Built Retaining Wall Designs

In addition to all their practical applications, retaining walls are a highly attractive addition. They can be constructed using a wide variety of materials and designs to create a truly unique feature for each property. They also allow for multiple possibilities of surrounding flower beds.

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Wide Selection of Retaining Wall Design Materials and Finishes

Outdoor Concepts Landscape Contracting, Inc. is proud to work alongside some of Cleveland’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of exceptional landscaping and hardscaping products. As a result, we can offer an unparalleled material selection at unbeatable prices.

You can choose from an abundance of materials, including:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • …and many others

They are available in multiple colors and styles to complement each property and are custom designed to each property.

Our stone wall construction process uses the highest quality equipment and hardware, ensuring the best and most durable results.

Experienced, Qualified Landscaping and Hardscaping Specialists

Our landscapers have been serving the Cleveland community for many years. We are fully licensed and bonded for our wide range of specialties and have the experience and resources to tackle any landscaping challenge.

We undertake each retaining wall construction with impressive dedication and skill, as well as an unmatched eye for detail and design. Our retaining walls will add tremendous beauty and value to any property.

Transform Your Property with a Retaining Wall Design

To add a beautiful, durable addition to your property, consider a retaining wall built by the specialists at Outdoor Concepts Landscape Contracting, Inc..

Our wide range of materials and equipment, outstanding workmanship, and prompt availability make us your property’s one-stop shop for landscaping excellence. We are also pleased to provide our services at competitive rates.

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