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Walks and Patios

Walkways are one of the most basic and important functions of your landscape.


Walkways are one of the most basic and important functions of your landscape. Walkways lead, guide, and even direct foot traffic to and from entrances and outdoor living spaces. Yet their importance is often overlooked and underrated. Do you recall visiting someone’s home and not know which door to enter? Have you ever been forced to walk single file on a home’s narrow walkway? Do you step in the mud when you get in your car in the morning? Is the walkway well lit? All these are good questions to consider your specific needs when installing a walkway.

At Outdoor Concepts Landscape Contracting, Inc., we understand that walkways designed with purpose add to your home’s curb appeal. A well-proportioned walkway establishes harmony with your home’s exterior. From street to front door, back door to fire pit, pool side to cabana, walkways make the transition from one space to another.

For great walkways, hiring a professional designer and installer saves time and money. A good designer will help you through the initial planning stages, and guide you with the best use of paving material in color, size, and durability, while the installer executes your plan according to your design.

At Outdoor Concepts, we know how to do it right, thanks to intensive education and experience in Northeast Ohio. Our changing weather conditions have helped hone our skills into executing our projects with great success, year after year.


At Outdoor Concepts, we love the concept of outdoor living. And our custom-built patios allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Patios are the new family room. What a better place to sit and relax, and enjoy a sunset! We can help create the patio that will add comfort and value to the home. So go ahead, create a niche to read, dine with friends and family, watch a movie, or fire gaze with an outdoor fireplace.

Just like walkways, patios need a well thought-out plan. Depending on your budget, the patio’s size, shape, and additional features need thorough consideration so you can maximize its use according to your home layout and needs. How you will use the patio? Do you entertain? So too, you’ll want to consider the site. Does the patio size and shape lend itself to the terrain, grade, etc. Will there need to be a retaining wall? Does the space lend itself to a seating wall? Though most patios are close to the house for convenience, it may not be plausible or there may be a more desired area on your property. There are many options to enhance a patio. Pergolas, roofs, awnings, and oversized umbrellas offer shade, as well as add a wonderful ambience to an outdoor setting.

Once the size, location, and functionality of the patio are decided, the design comes next. This allows you to visualize the furniture for your new area, and estimate the materials and time needed to install your project. A design gives you a visual aid to communicate your ideas to others. A scaled drawing will help when purchasing furniture for your new area and especially be helpful to those estimating materials and time to install your project.

Engaging a company with experience in installation and design can be quite beneficial for the homeowner. Over the years we’ve accumulated thousands of hours of installation experience. As certified layers of pavers and stone, we’ve accumulated thousands of hours of installation experience over the years. With that you can be assured that your patio project is installed to specific requirements for Northeast Ohio climate conditions, so you can make the most of the great outdoors safely and comfortably. Excavation and base prep are not real sexy topics for most. It’s much more interesting to discuss which paver to use. The term “paver” is a generic term used to do just what it suggests, namely pave. A paver can be natural stone or man-made. In our years, we’ve determined this can be an intimidating task for the options are so numerous. Natural stone used to pave include: clay bricks, sandstone, and bluestone. Manufactured pavers are typically made from cement. They are exceptionally popular for their varieties of color, shape, and texture. The manufactured paver niche has grown considerably over the years, as it offers something for any style home. Examples of manufactured products include Techo Bloc, Unilock, and Belgard, just to name a few.

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