Rain can be a pain

Any guesses to the number one function of your landscape? Though a rather boring thought, it’s the control of rain water. We tend to spend a lot of time and energy choosing plants and flowers that are pleasing. Yet, poor drainage will kill turf and trees. Too much water can undermine patios, walks, and your home’s foundation. Not to mention a wet yard is a bother for foot traffic, play, and routine maintenance. And how about those pesky mosquitoes! Yes, proper drainage is, was, and always will be job number one.

Water issues do not go away by themselves. Unless addressed, drainage problems will present bigger issues. There are numerous solutions to resolve and control water issues. The follow solutions are in order of choice.

  • Grading is achieved by pitching beds away from foundations or grading lawn area to allow water to drain.
  • Swales help divert and carry water away from structures, patios, and planting beds.
  • Raised beds are a successful option for planting beds located in a perpetually soggy area.
  • Drain tile is a last resort, but often a necessity. Collection points or catch basins are installed and connected to underground pipes that empty into a stream, a wood line, or public utility. This option can be the more costly to install and will need periodic maintenance to keep working to it’s potential.

At Outdoor Concepts we assess the situation, come up with a resolution, and get your yard just where is needs to be for maximum enjoyment.